June 23, 2021

Dodgers: Joe Kelly Talks Health & Concerns with New 3 Batter Rule in MLB (Dodgers Nation)

Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly was the marquee bullpen signing of the 2019 off-season. While he spent a lot of the past season trying to get aligned, it seemed that he found it just as the curtain dropped on the year.

Now Kelly talks from Dodgers FanFest on a variety of subjects. The California-born product is always a decent listen, so make sure to enjoy the full clip below.

Notably, Kelly mentions the work he has put in in the off-season at Camelback Ranch in Arizona. Recall that back in September of last season, Kelly suffered from a mysterious health issue that no one wanted to discuss.

“Right now I feel great. It’s something where I just needed time to get healthy, and then strengthen my body. I feel like we have definitely done that this off-season. Going down to Camelback this off-season, you realize that you’re not the same pitcher as a Jack Flaherty. A quick-twitch, explosive type guy. You have only so many bullets in your body until things start going wrong. I was kind of not aware of that [in 2019]. It’s been about getting strong in the right areas with the way I…

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