June 25, 2021

David Price Would Offer Dodgers More Name Recognition Than Certainty (FanGraphs)

As rumors of the various permutations of Mookie Betts trades float around the ether, it’s worth taking a closer look at the Dodgers’ rotation, mainly because of the possibility that David Price is included in what would become an even bigger blockbuster than a “simple” trade of one of the majors’ top five players. Despite losing both Hyun-Jin Ryu and Rich Hill in free agency, the Dodgers don’t lack for options to start, many of them good ones. But between inexperience and injury histories, those options also offer a great deal of uncertainty, and it’s not at all clear that the 34-year-old Price, whose performance has declined of late and who comes with his own recent spate of health woes, helps all that much.

Last year, the Dodgers had by far the NL’s best rotation in terms of ERA and FIP, though they finished behind the Nationals — whose starters ranked second in both categories — in WAR, because the Washington workhorses threw significantly more innings:

2019 Rotation Comparison: Dodgers vs. Nationals

Dodgers 893.2 9.45 2.07 1.13 .274 3.11 3.52 19.8
Nationals 938.2 9.68 2.86 1.11 .288 3.53 3.72 21.4


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