June 17, 2021

Dodgers: Forget David Price, Get Chris Sale (Dodgers Nation)

There are all kinds of trade rumors going around about the Dodgers trying to trade for Mookie Betts. Many of the rumors have the name of David Price in them as the Red Sox aim to shed salary. Of course, the prospect cost for Betts would go down if Price were included in the trade.

At this moment the Red Sox are a mess with cheating penalties hanging over their head. As repeat offenders their penalties could be worse than the Astr*s received.

As of Sunday, the Red Sox are $19M over the first luxury tax threshold. If the Red Sox trade Betts to the Dodgers for just minimum wage players then they get under the luxury tax for 2020. If David Price is involved then some other contracts on the Dodgers can be absorbed by the Red Sox. However, why not make a play to make the playoff rotation stronger?

Price could be good but Chris Sale would be a better target….

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