June 22, 2021

The evidence that could doom Red Sox in cheating scandal (New York Post)

What did the 2018 Red Sox slug, and where did they slug it?

Those champion Sawx remain under investigation by MLB commissioner Rob Manfred for illegal sign-stealing — the very crime of which their immediate predecessors, the 2017 Astros, have been convicted.

Alex Cora, the manager of the former team and the bench coach of the latter, stands as the common thread. Manfred identified him as a mastermind of the ’17 Astros’ scheme, and a suspension of at least one year appears quite likely. Cora and the Red Sox parted ways the day after Manfred released his report on those Astros.

The Red Sox owners and All-Star J.D. Martinez have intimated that their team will come out clean, and at the surface level, you can understand why. For starters, no one has put his name on these allegations as did ’17 Astros pitcher Mike Fiers, nor has a smoking-gun video emerged, as did those Astros’ trash can-banging against the White Sox and Danny Farquhar (courtesy of social-media detective @Jomboy_).

What about the statistics? The Athletic conducted a deep dive into the ’17 Astros that revealed how dramatically — and downright historically — that team improved at making contact….

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