June 22, 2021

Carig: Curtis Granderson gave all of himself, on and off the field (The Athletic)

It was a quiet morning in Port St. Lucie a few years back, the kind that epitomizes the mundane ritual of spring training. It would have been unremarkable except for the conversation between two of the most prominent members of the team. On one side of the table was David Wright, the son of a white police officer from the Tidewater region of Virginia. On the other side was Curtis Granderson, the African-American son of educators from Chicago. Over breakfast, the two spoke of issues that are often complicated and fraught. But from the outside, this appeared deep and nuanced and respectful, the type of exchange that feels like a relic from another time.

Once it was finished, Granderson stood up and went about his day, same as always. He wore a smile. This was his default setting, whether it was working with young people through his signature Grand Kids Foundation, or addressing a horde of reporters at his locker. He looked like the guy who won student body president in a…

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