June 23, 2021

Dodgers: How Much is Too Much For Mookie Betts? (Dodgers Nation)

The Mookie Betts rumors are heating up, with several insiders reporting there is a strong chance Betts gets traded this Winter. The Dodgers are seen as the frontrunner, while the Padres are also in the mix.

Eye test, analytics, whatever your preferred method of evaluation is, there’s no refuting Betts is among the best players in baseball. Acquiring him would instantly put the Dodgers from contender to favorite status, and finally give fans something to cheer about this offseason. 

That being said, how much is too much for Betts’ services?

The most important thing to consider is his contract status. Betts is set to be a free agent next year, giving the Dodgers only one year of control. More importantly, his preliminary contract demands are reported to be “ridiculous”. 

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