June 17, 2021

Similar to NFL officials, MLB umpires could get mic’d up (ESPN)

NEW YORK — Big league players, managers and fans might be hearing a lot more from umpires this season.

Much like NFL referees have done for years, umpires could be mic’d up and announce whether reviewed calls are upheld or overturned, sources told ESPN’s Pedro Gomez. They may also explain rules, if necessary.

Major League Baseball and the umpires are actively discussing the possibility. If the technical aspects can be worked out and the umps are comfortable with the concept, they could be mic’d up sometime this year. Both sides say there’s lots of work to do, making it uncertain whether this could be in place by Opening Day on March 26.

“I feel like getting more information on replay reviews would be great. Being able to hear what they see/say about the play will provide a better explanation of the call, which will be very beneficial for both sides,” Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Stephen Vogt said.

The NFL and NHL have their referees announce the results of replay reviews. In the NBA, the arena public address announcers relay decisions.

Baseball fans have become familiar with seeing crew chiefs such as Joe West, Ted Barrett and Tom Hallion take off the headsets and signal…

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