June 25, 2021

Mets’ Luis Rojas managing was unavoidable Felipe Alou ‘nightmare’ (New York Post)

Felipe Alou wanted many things for his children. The list is familiar to any parent:

Good health. Happiness. Love. Friendship. Education. Passion. To have more than he ever had. To achieve more than he ever did.

Alou proved what was possible.

The 84-year-old patriarch of the Dominican Republic’s first family of baseball — so, essentially the first family of the baseball-mad nation —was the first person born and raised on the island to reach the major leagues (Ozzie Virgil was the first born in the country to hit the big leagues) and play in the World Series. With Felipe playing alongside his younger brothers, Matty and Jesus, the family formed the only all-sibling outfield in history.

Felipe amassed 2,101 hits in 17 seasons. He became the first Dominican manager in the majors, winning 1,033 games in 13 seasons. He had four wives and 11 children, who were never in the same room at the same time, but remained close with each other.

He wanted them to be happy, healthy, successful. He wanted them to do almost anything.

“The last thing I wanted for any one of my children was to become a manager,” Alou said by phone. “I know all the pressure, all the sleepless…

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