June 17, 2021

DraftKings user sues MLB over Astros sign-stealing scandal (New York Post)

A DraftKings player filed a class action lawsuit against the MLB and two of its teams on Thursday — accusing them of creating an unfair gambling platform by turning a blind eye to the recently uncovered sign-stealing scandal.

Fantasy baseball contests from 2017 — when the Houston Astros first used electronic equipment to steal signs — to 2019, were “tainted by cheating and compromised,” according to lead plaintiff Kristopher Olson.

The Manhattan federal court suit argues that because of the cheating, the statistics of Astros players were distorted, altering the outcome of DraftKings fantasy baseball contests involving players from the team.

From 2017 to 2019, the suit alleges, the “MLB was well aware that its member teams were engaging in corrupt and fraudulent conduct that rendered player performance statistics dishonest and undermined the validity of its fan wagers on DraftKings’ fantasy baseball contests.”

DraftKings users competing in fantasy baseball contests pay entry fees to participate in either daily or weekly competitions.

The users choose teams made up of real-life MLB players from any of the leagues 30 teams, basing their selections off the…

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