June 17, 2021

Mets manager Luis Rojas won’t cheat baseball (New York Post)

Rest assured Mets fans, new manager Luis Rojas is a good man who will not cheat the game of baseball.

Those strong words come from his father Felipe Alou, in his first comments about Rojas becoming Mets manager at the age of 38. Alou managed 14 years in the majors after a 17-year playing career. He is an icon in the game.

The electronic sign-stealing scandal with the Astros cost Carlos Beltran the Mets manager’s job and opened the door for Rojas.

“The man is good and I believe the baseball man is good,’’ Alou told The Post Wednesday of his son. “It’s not only that I believe, I know. He is a clean-cut person, and I believe the game nowadays should find more young men like that, the game needs them. I know he will be a clean manager who respects the game.

“I believe the game right now, some of this technology things that they have turned to cheat, should be put away and there should be a big investigation so that it does not happen anymore,’’ Alou said.

Felipe Alou and Luis Rojas
Felipe Alou and Luis RojasUPI; AP

Rojas moves up from coach to manager. He has managed eight years in the Mets minor league system.

“I know the baseball man Luis Rojas can hold his own in the big leagues,…

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