June 22, 2021

Dodgers Minor Leaguers Speak Out About Low Wages, Off-Season Life (Dodgers Nation)

One of the biggest problems that is staring Major League Baseball in the face (besides sign stealing) is the underpayment of minor league players. We have heard the stories for years about prospects having to pick up multiple off-season jobs to make ends meet and to pursue their dreams of being under the lights.

In a recent column from The Athletic, Pedro Moura provides an inside look into what some Dodgers prospects are thinking regarding this issue and how they cope.

Life of Brett de Geus

Brett de Geus was the Dodgers’ 33rd-round pick in 2017 and is currently working at L.A. Live as a barback this off-season. He worksout during the day at Dodger Stadium and then is forced to take a job to make ends meet. de Geus spoke about the life he lives with a sense of pride:

“Sometimes, it sucks. Other times, I’m pretty proud that this is what it takes for me to get it done and I’m…

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