June 17, 2021

Who is Luis Rojas? New Mets manager learned from dad Felipe Alou (New York Post)

Why Luis Rojas as the new Mets manager?

Rojas, 38, is highly regarded in baseball circles and has strong baseball genes as one of Felipe Alou’s 11 children. Alou, 84, a former star player and manager, owns an incredible baseball mind and is considered an icon among Latino players. He has taught the game well to his son and continued his dialogue with Luis throughout last season and this offseason.

Why do they have different last names? In the Dominican Republic, the family name is presented before the mother’s last name. When Felipe Rojas Alou first came to the United States as a player in 1956, the Giants scout who signed Felipe mistakenly thought his matronymic name (Alou) was his family name, though the family name is the paternal name of Rojas. Felipe Alou and his brothers became known in America by the name Alou.

Rojas’ older brother is Moises Alou, and Rojas has learned from him as well. Moises Alou, 53, was born in the United States, so he received the Alou surname according to American custom. Rojas, because he was born in the Dominican, so he is referrred to with the patronymic surname.

Rojas, who Wednesday was finalizing a multi-year contract to become…

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