June 23, 2021

How Mets ended up with this new manager (New York Post)

Think of a baseball manager and his coaching staff as an ecosystem. If done correctly, an organization has crafted a unit bonded by fraternity in which one person’s strengths cover another’s weaknesses.

Did the Mets do that with Carlos Beltran and his staff?

We will never know.

But they did do it with Beltran. They built a staff with both his input and with his skills in mind. Then they had to replace the most important person in this Jenga game — the manger — with the seconds ticking toward spring training. That leisurely pace they took to pick Beltran and then assemble his staff was gone. There was a shotgun wedding aspect to this, just like with the Astros and Red Sox, who also were trying to find managers for projected contenders at this late date on the baseball calendar. As one executive involved in a search told me, “The trucks are packing for spring training already.”

It is central to why the Mets stayed internal on Wednesday when they announced they were finalizing the details of a contract with quality control coach Luis Rojas to replace Beltran.

The Mets like Rojas. Very much. He was interviewed during the process that knighted Beltran. The Mets…

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