June 22, 2021

Meet the man behind the Baseball Hall of Fame voting tracker (New York Post)

His Twitter handle — @NotMrTibbs – has become synonymous with Baseball Hall of Fame voting. A go-to for fans to see how their favorite players are trending when it comes to Cooperstown and which writers are voting for which players.

Meet Ryan Thibodaux, the man behind the Hall of Fame ballot tracker.

He’s a 38-year-old Oakland native who grew up in Houston and now works in the medical field with his wife Poppy after a previous career in healthcare. He’s an A’s fan who was a season-ticket holder before life – two sons – got in the way.

“I grew up in Houston as Astros fan. When [Jeff] Bagwell and [Craig] Biggio came on the ballot at the same time, I started really paying attention,” Thibodaux told The Post in a phone interview. “The first few years Bagwell and Biggio both didn’t get in, that made me more interested. How is this happening? At the time, I felt they were surefire, first ballot no-doubters. It was a hobby that built over time.”

It began innocently enough. Thibodaux was trying to help out Twitter user @LeoKitty, who kept a running tally of which players would be receiving votes for Baseball Think Factory. He began reaching out to…

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