June 25, 2021

Dodgers: Alex Cora’s Sad Transformation From Fan Favorite to Villian (Dodgers Nation)

Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora was fired this past Tuesday for his role in the Houston Astros sign stealing scandal. The former Houston bench coach and the Red Sox “agreed to mutually part ways”. Please hold the tawdry public relations verbiage – dude got fired for cheating.

Cora was instrumental in beating the Los Angeles Dodgers in back-to-back World Series. Rewind to a year ago, Cora was one of, if not the, best young manager in the game. His players loved him. Analysts adored him. His native country of Puerto Rico revered him for his philanthropy.

Rewind over two decades ago and Cora was a young, sure-handed middle infielder coming up through the Dodgers system.

In an inconsistent era, featuring one lone playoff appearance, Alex Cora and Cesar Izturis’s artful double plays were one of the few things Dodger fans could cheer for. Endearing themselves to the fanbase one smooth double play at a time. Cora, who averaged 34 RBI a season with the Dodgers, was hardly a threat at the plate. His steady glove always made the bus.

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