June 16, 2021

Dodgers: ESPN Radio Morning Show Says Astros Must Vacate 2017 Win (Dodgers Nation)

As some of our best have written, the Houston Astros stole more than just signs. Indeed, without their sign-stealing antics; the Los Angeles Dodgers might be flying a World Series flag from 2017 right now. And as they say ‘flags fly forever’.

ESPN Los Angeles morning show host Travis Rodgers got to thinking about it, and it irked him a little bit. Obviously he’s upset that his team – the Los Angeles Dodgers – were robbed. However, Rodgers brings about a more interesting perspective. What about the fans down the road who will look at the list of champions and not know the manner in which the 2017 World Series may have been taken (stolen). Have a listen to the sound byte below.

First, Rodgers is open to the idea of vacating the championship. He says if for no other reason, it will let people have context to know what really went down. Without that, he…

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