June 17, 2021

Dodgers and Astros: On Sadness, Anger, and Karma (Dodgers Nation)

Since the news broke this past Monday, revealing the extent of the Astros treachery in 2017 and specifically in the playoffs, I’ve gone from sad over never knowing what might have been for our Dodgers, to angry as the sheer depth of the Astros scheming has come to light, exposing just how many players and fans have been affected by it.

And the fact that it’s the Astros – a team with whom no love is lost among Dodgers fans – is making the situation all the more appalling.

Privately to friends, I’ve made no bones about my feelings for the Astros and their fans since that fateful 2017 season. As any follower or reader of mine may have noticed, I choose not to regularly air grievances and negativity on social media – I figure there’s enough other business going on in the world to bring us down – but if anyone asked, I had no issue talking about how I thought most Houston players and many of their trash talking fans were largely a collection of arrogant, cocky, despicable individuals.

Which is what makes this whole mess so rage-inducing,…

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