June 17, 2021

Dodgers and Astros: Everything You May Have Missed With the Cheating Scandal Fallout (Dodgers Nation)

The baseball world was rocked last week as MLB commissioner Rob Manfred released a 9-page report on findings from an investigation into claims that the Houston Astros had been cheating by stealing signs using electronic equipment.

That, of course, is a no-no under baseball bylaws… and out of respect for the game.

Ultimately, Manfred announced his punishments for the Astros that was a game-changer for fans and media around baseball.

Houston Astros Punished for Cheating vs. Dodgers in World Series and More

Emotions were mixed right off the bat as some felt the punishment was too harsh and many others felt it wasn’t enough.

Dodgers: Did the Astros Get What They Deserved for Cheating?

Dodgers: ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Wants Astros Stripped of World Series Title

Dodgers: Mario Lopez Reacts To Houston Astros’ Weak Punishment

Soon after, the Dodgers official Twitter account posted an interesting statement as it was revealed that players and clubs could face potentially harsher punishment if they spoke out on the commissioner’s ruling.

Dodgers Issue Non-Statement On Houston Astros Sanctions and Punishment

Dodgers, MLB Teams Fear Punishment if They Speak Out Against…

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