June 25, 2021

Dodger Fan’s Creative Dr. Seuss Take on Astros Cheating Scandal (Dodgers Nation)

For most Dodgers fans this week, the more you think about the Astros and that fateful 2017 World Series, the more livid you get.

However, one small silver lining in this madness has been the art, memes, and graphics work put in by some creative folks online.

One of the more creative instances came from Twitter user Eephusblue who reimagined some Dr. Seuss covers with a topical twist.

The user also shared his inspiration on Twitter.

As the fallout continues for the Astros, painful memories are continually rehashed for Dodgers fans, and even fans of other teams that feel for the boys in blue.

What’s better is the timing of Houston’s version of their annual FanFest — affectionately dubbed “BuzzFest” by some on the internet — which afforded Astros players the opportunity to face media for the first time since MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred…

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