June 17, 2021

Alex Bregman denies Astros buzzer ploy, gets shredded by pitcher (New York Post)

After seeing his manager and general manager first suspended for a season by MLB then fired by Astros owner Jim Crane, Alex Bregman declined to address the sign-stealing scandal that has forever tainted Houston’s 2017 World Series title.

“The commissioner and league came out with the report, and the Astros did what they did,’’ Bregman said of Rob Manfred’s extensive report, which detailed the Astros’ use of a video and camera system that included players banging a garbage can to relay pitches to hitters. “They made their decision on what to do, and I have no thoughts on it.”

Not everyone was satisfied with Bregman’s statement. Orioles pitcher Josh Rogers responded on Twitter.

“Just plead the 5th bud. Cause your guilty,” was posted to his verified account.

Bregman, though, did deny speculation the Astros used devices to help steal signs last season, an allegation that first surfaced on Twitter on Thursday, but was dismissed by MLB, which said in a statement it had found no evidence of players wearing electronics during the 2019 season.

Asked if players wore devices, Bregman said “No” then called the allegations “stupid.’’


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