June 22, 2021

Stark: Allow me to explain my 2020 Hall of Fame Ballot (The Athletic)

My 2020 Hall of Fame ballot sat on my desk for six weeks. Every once in a while, I could almost feel it staring at me, no doubt wondering when the heck I’d get around to filling it out. Can’t blame it.

I know some people rush to fill out that ballot. I’m not one of those people. I never will be.

Here’s why: This isn’t just a vote. This is a process — a process that comes with immense responsibility. When we cast a vote for the Hall of Fame, we aren’t just expressing an opinion. We’re changing lives. So the names on that ballot, every one of them, deserve a long, serious look. And I commit every year to giving them that look.

Doesn’t matter if it’s Derek Jeter or Heath Bell. Every player on this year’s ballot played at least 11 seasons in the big leagues. That’s 11 more than I played. I owe it to every one of them to give them all their due. Then, after weeks of thought and research, I feel…

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