June 23, 2021

Inside Mets’ decision to rip the Carlos Beltran bandage (New York Post)

The Mets hired Carlos Beltran to be their manager less than three months ago. By Wednesday night, they were convinced they no longer had that Carlos Beltran.

They knew a rookie manager — especially in New York, particularly for a win-now team — would face substantial obstacles. But one of those would not be credibility with players. He was Carlos Beltran. He could walk into a room and instantly command the attention and respect of those inside it.

This was a huge selling point when the Mets decided to forgo experience and go with Beltran. So was the edge they believed he would give them in game preparation. So was his positive relationship with reporters.

Now, they doubted all of that. They could have worked with Beltran to try navigating the issues. But they decided his significant involvement with the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal, his misleading initial accounts to reporters of his involvement and the judgment on all of this left his integrity damaged. And the Mets worried it was a problem with the potential to endlessly resurface.

New stories from the cheating scandal implicating Beltran could surface. Or a player or players who needed to be lectured could have…

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