June 24, 2021

Why the Mets shouldn’t fire Carlos Beltran (New York Post)

The Mets clearly do not believe it is a moral imperative to fire Carlos Beltran in the wake of the massive sign-stealing campaign that has engulfed two major league teams and cost two managers with World Series rings their jobs.

That is their right. They also happen to be right. It is clear that Beltran did more than simply figure out the other team’s hit-and-run signal based on the way the opposing third-base coach twitched his nose. And he happens to be a manager now.

But he wasn’t then. He was a player then. And there has been no other player named in the investigation, only Beltran – and even then, only peripherally. If that was Rob Manfred’s way of shaming the Mets into making Beltran part of the punishment levied, it hasn’t worked yet. That means the Mets, at least to this hour, believe this is salvageable.

And it should be salvageable.

The worst part about this is the inevitability that surrounds this case right now, a snowball rolling down the hill, becoming larger and larger. Again: if the Mets want to fire Beltran because they are appalled by what he did, or if he deceived them in the interview process, they should already have parted ways.

It means…

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