June 24, 2021

Carlos Beltran mess is damning reflection on Mets’ Van Wagenen (New York Post)

Brodie Van Wagenen did a fascinating thing Thursday afternoon.

During a conference call that was supposed to explain why he and the owners of the Mets decided to fire a manager, the most eloquent and compelling testimony he offered instead was why, for the sake of the franchise, Steve Cohen has to arrive as soon as possible to eradicate the Mets of the reckless likes of the sitting general manager.

It was hard for a lot of us on the conference call to believe what Van Wagenen — and, to a lesser degree, Jeff Wilpon — were telling us, which is why several of us kept asking the question in various ways. Because early on, Van Wagenen seemed to hint that the first time he and the Mets’ politburo had asked Carlos Beltran for details about his involvement in the Houston fiasco was earlier this week.

And … well, that couldn’t be right. Right?

As early as the GM meetings in November, which was when the first real smoke around the Astros’ sign-stealing story began to surface, not long after Beltran was hired by the Mets, he was peppered by reporters’ questions about his 2017 season in Houston. And there had been rumors swirling about the Astros for years.

The Mets…

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