June 22, 2021

Mets’ Carlos Beltran must come clean (New York Post)

In our latest episode of “That’s So Mets!” the team hires a new manager whose past indiscretions land him in hot water before he even makes it to spring training. Please welcome special guest stars Rob Manfred and Mr. Met as themselves.

We find ourselves at the commercial break, with Carlos Beltran’s excellent name tarnished by his inclusion in Manfred’s report on the 2017 Astros’ illicit activity. Beltran, the aforementioned rookie Mets skipper, escaped punishment from Major League Baseball by virtue of his standing as a player at the time of the wrongdoing. Will he stay within the good graces of his employers, though?

The path to salvation starts with a public accounting of what Beltran did as an Astro, what he told the Mets about what he did once the heat turned up and a sincere, comprehensive expression of regret for not only his actions in Houston, but also his lying to The Post’s Joel Sherman just two months ago about his involvement in these shenanigans.

The Mets, having stepped into this scandal not of their making — it’s so them, isn’t it? — intend to make Beltran available to the media, the date and site to be determined, in an attempt to…

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