June 24, 2021

Which Star Player Has the Most Trade Value? (FanGraphs)

Without going into the likelihood of a trade or the reasons (or lack thereof) behind one, I’m interested in gaining some insight into the relative merits of four star players rumored to be on the block: Nolan Arenado, Mookie Betts, Kris Bryant, and Francisco Lindor. We shouldn’t have to go too deeply into the background of each player, as they are four of the very best players in the game, but here are some basics:

Four Stars On the Trade Block?

2020 Age Career PA Career WAR 2019 wRC+ 2019 WAR 2020 WAR
Nolan Arenado 29 4357 31.3 128 5.9 5
Mookie Betts 27 3629 37.2 135 6.6 6.5
Kris Bryant 28 3105 27.8 135 4.8 4.6
Francisco Lindor 26 3244 27.2 114 4.4 5.8

Before we get into questions of trade value, I’d first like to know which player is better right now. This question is asked without regard for contract size or status. I just want to know who everyone thinks is the best player for this season. In order to limit the number of questions asked, and to prevent anyone having to fill anything out, I have laid out all 24 potential rankings below. You just have to choose the one that matches what you believe:

With that out of the way, I’d like to…

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