June 16, 2021

Fox 29 airs bizarre Astros trash can interview (New York Post)

It’s the trashy tell-all no one asked for.

A day after the Houston Astros received some of the most stern punishments in recent MLB history for their trash can-beating cheating scandal, Philadelphia’s Fox 29 aired a bizarre, pun-filled interview with the garbage bucket at the center of it all.

“I’m just sitting there and I was beat over and over,” the waste bin told the “Good Day” hosts. “Nobody cares about my feelings, it took me two years to get the dents out. I mean, it’s the worst job in all of sports. Have you ever seen a baseball dugout? They never use me. There’s stuff all over the floor. I’m sitting there, wanting to be used, wanting to help, and you’re implying this was all my fault?”

Getting the garbage can’s point of view was an interesting enough angle to take, and its backstory is certainly dramatic.

“Now what do I do?,” it lamented. “I’m in the trash can protection program. I’m trying to come back from this. All I did was sit there. I thought I was going to be part of the team, I thought I was going to help them keep their area clean. And what did they do? They took a stick to me.”

The baseball ethics violation has…

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