June 17, 2021

Dodgers: The Astros Stole More Than Just Signs (Dodgers Nation)

I’ve become known in my area of the world as a Dodgers fan, and I’m more than proud of that. I’ll talk baseball and the Dodgers with anyone who will listen, or who has no immediate means of escape, like liquor store cashiers or co-workers stuck in cubicles. So it stands to reason that after today’s Astros punishment story broke, I received more texts and messages that I normally would on an otherwise uneventful, snowy Monday afternoon.

A couple of friends asked me how I was feeling about the news, and though at first I was surprised two men lost their jobs over it, and then angry that no players will be officially punished, mostly, I just feel sad.

Sad at what could have been, sad that my precious game of baseball has become so tainted, sad that so many reputations – specifically Clayton Kershaw – were unfairly tarnished by those…

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