June 17, 2021

John Henry gets testy about Red Sox’s payroll aspirations (New York Post)

The Red Sox now insist they are choosing competing over resetting.

Sox owner John Henry said as much this weekend, telling the Boston Globe that his September declaration about reducing Boston’s payroll under the $208 million luxury tax threshold – or competitive balance tax (CBT) – isn’t likely to happen.

“This focus on CBT resides with the media far more than it does within the Sox,” Henry said in an email to Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy. “I think every team probably wants to reset at least once every three years. That’s sort of been the history. But just this week … I reminded baseball ops that we are focused on competitiveness over the next five years over and above resetting, to which they said, ‘That’s exactly how we’ve been approaching it.’”

The Red Sox fired GM Dave Dombrowski in September, less than one year removed from the franchise’s fourth World Series title in 15 years, and replaced him with 36-year-old former Tampa Bay vice president of baseball operations Chaim Bloom.

There has been talk all winter about the possibility of Boston trading 2018 AL MVP Mookie Betts, who just landed a record $27 million arbitration settlement,…

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