June 23, 2021

Astros’ A.J. Hinch, Jeff Luhnow suspended for full season for sign stealing (New York Post)

Major League Baseball has penalized the Astros heavily for pounding those garbage cans.

After conducting what MLB commissioner Rob Manfred last month vowed was “the most thorough investigation that the commissioner’s office has ever undertaken,” the Astros have received heavy penalties for using electronic equipment to steal signs.

Houston GM Jeff Luhnow and manager A.J. Hinch have been handed one-year suspensions, the team will forfeit their first-round and second-round draft picks in each of the next two years, and it will be fined $5 million.

“I find that the conduct of the Astros, and its senior baseball operations executives, merits significant discipline,” Manfred said in a release. “I base this finding on the fact that the Club’s senior baseball operations executives were given express notice in September 2017 that I would hold them accountable for violations of our policies covering sign stealing, and those individuals took no action to ensure that the Club’s players and staff complied with those policies during the 2017 Postseason and the 2018 regular season.”

The league interviewed more than 60 witnesses, Manfred added, and viewed over 75,000…

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