June 25, 2021

Sunday Notes: Jerry Dipoto Contemplates His Spreadsheet as the Mariners Rebuild (FanGraphs)

Seattle Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto said the following when I spoke to him in November:

The best we can do is lay out a game plan, a quality game plan, and then track our success. In this game, everything can be tracked.

That includes trades, and it’s no secret that Dipoto has made a lot of them since he was hired to replace Jack Zduriencik following the 2015 season. The exact number — this based on a perusal of transaction logs — is a whopping 106, which works out to more than two dozen annually. The subject broached, Dipoto acknowledged that “it’s a long spreadsheet.”

What does the spreadsheet show in terms of wins and losses? The plethora of deals precludes a detailed response to such a question, but the 51-year-old executive did provide an overview when asked.

“I would say it’s been about break even for major-league productivity,” opined Dipoto. “The James Paxton deal from a year ago, or even the Robinson CanoEdwin Diaz deal with the Mets. We don’t truly know how those are going to work out yet. On the surface we’ve lost them, because they’re producing less WAR value for us than they are for our trade partners, but we believe that will…

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