June 22, 2021

Down on the Dodgers? Not All of Us (Dodgers Nation)

Dear Dodgers,

Happy New Year! It’s Gail again. After I wrote you a rather long-winded love letter this past August, this time I’ll cut right to the chase:

We’re not all “down” on you this off-season. Recently, ESPN examined many fans’ position this off-season, and when my Dodgers Nation colleague Clint Evans asked for fan thoughts on the issue, we received a lot of passionate comments.

Sure, you broke a lot of hearts, including mine, in that NLDS loss to the Nationals, but isn’t that what love (and life) is all about – forgiving the past, learning from our mistakes, and moving on? As I divulged after the playoff exit, it wouldn’t hurt so much if I didn’t care, and I have no plans to stop caring.

You just treated me to one of the most exciting seasons I’ve followed in my 39 years of baseball watching, and I’m certainly not going to let some questionable late game bullpen management wipe away the countless times over the last few years that you’ve been the companionship I needed on a lonely evening, the hope of things to come that helped me get through a long work week, and the routine that kept me grounded while I processed personal loss.

The older…

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