June 17, 2021

The MLB roadmap to labor peace: Salary cap, robo-umps (New York Post)

Welcome to baseball’s beautifully boring January.

Oh, sure, the anvil about to fall on the Astros will entertain us for a couple of days, and the perennially unheralded Derek Jeter will finally get his due with his unanimous (just my hunch) Hall of Fame election Jan. 21.

Yet the Hot Stove League, the driving force behind Major League Baseball’s offseason, already has shut down most of its burners thanks to the spending spree that returned the Winter Meetings to their can’t-miss status of long ago and has carried through into the new year.

The sport gladly will accept a sleepy trudge to spring training in return for spring training actually being about position battles and new personnel adjustments rather than morphing into a dreaded extension of that Hot Stove League. Consider that 25 of The Post’s top 30 free agents, and 9 of the top 10, already have signed by mid-January. Last year on this weekend, we were at 20 of 30 and 5 of 10. Two years ago? Eleven of 30 and 3 of 10.

Such taking care of business leads to warm and fuzzy moments like Rob Manfred and superagent Scott Boras bumping into each other during the Winter Meetings, as The Athletic first reported, and…

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