June 23, 2021

Law: What We Talk About When We Talk About Players (The Athletic)

When I started with the Toronto Blue Jays in January of 2002, I was the stats guy … or the whole stats department, really, there to provide a view from a distinct perspective than that offered by the team’s scouts. After a couple of years with the team, including three draft cycles, I realized that using the statistical lens on its own was insufficient (more like a pair of statistical handcuffs, artificially limiting our player pool) and began to ask some of our scouts to show me how they did their jobs. Their generosity laid the foundation for the methods I still use today when evaluating players, even though I’ve changed and refined those methods over the past fourteen years.

I still prefer to see players live whenever possible before writing about them. It’s not always possible, of course, especially in the draft — actual scouts spend all spring chasing players around their areas or across the country, and even they don’t always get everyone…

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