June 17, 2021

Dodgers Were Accused of Sign Stealing in 2018 Per The Athletic (Dodgers Nation)

Recently, the Boston Red Sox of 2018 joined the list of teams being by baseball for sign-stealing.

While it’s been speculated upon that several teams in baseball use their own set of tactics, the Los Angeles Dodgers are not a team in the limelight for doing such a thing. In fact, I forgot that the Dodgers were once accused of this practice at all.

However, Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times brings about my memory. Indeed, Hernandez says the Dodgers were mentioned as sign-stealers in their own right during the 2018 NLCS when they defeated the Brewers in seven games. Hernandez references The Athletic MLB as the source, and you can see the original story in the tweet below.

Next is the part of the story that Hernandez references, which I had forgotten.

Some unnamed members of the Milwaukee Brewers told the Athletic during the 2018 National League Championship Series that they were concerned the Dodgers were using video to steal their signs….

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