June 23, 2021

MLB turns sign-stealing scandal to Red Sox World Series team (New York Post)

Another Yankees rival finds itself in hot water for alleged high-tech chicanery.

The Athletic reported Tuesday that Major League Baseball will investigate the 2018 Red Sox, who won the World Series, for illegally stealing signs via electronic means. The Athletic cited three members of that team who said that during the ‘18 regular season, “at least some players” utilized the video replay room during games to decipher opponents’ signs, at which point a team member could run to the dugout and convey what he learned to a runner on first or second base, who in turn could relay the information to the batter.

No indication exists that the sign-stealing system was in effect during the 2018 postseason, as per the report, MLB deployed full-time monitors in the replay room. The Red Sox eliminated the Yankees from the 2018 American League Division Series.

“The Commissioner made clear in a September 15, 2017 memorandum to clubs how seriously he would take any future violation of the regulations regarding use of electronic equipment or the inappropriate use of the video replay room,” MLB told The Athletic in a statement. “Given these allegations, MLB will commence an…

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