June 17, 2021

Marte? Lowrie? What’s left for Mets in sobering offseason reality (New York Post)

Time to take down your holiday lights and quit it with the hall-decked Hot Stove jokes like the Yankees receiving an ultra-pricey lump of Cole in their stockings (credit Scott Boras) or the Mets getting their hands on some Myrrh-isnick (credit no one).

To mark this first full work week of the new year, let’s conduct a Subway Series reset. An updated assessment of what the New York rivals have accomplished this offseason, causes for optimism and pessimism, what they might still do and a peek at their division rivals, too, with the ultimate goal of determining whether they’ve improved or regressed since the conclusion of their 2019 runs.

Here is a look at the Mets:

Reasons for hope: Dellin Betances, Rick Porcello and Michael Wacha all bring upside with their one-year contracts, and the perennially injured Yoenis Cespedes is playing for a new deal, too. Jake Marisnick offers center-field athleticism. The starting rotation can be one of the industry’s best. And the club’s 40-21 run to finish 2019 could carry over into the new year.

Reasons for concern: The rotation took a significant hit when Zack Wheeler left for the Phillies. Can rookie manager Carlos Beltran step…

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