June 16, 2021

Carlos Beltran likely to avoid major discipline in MLB sign-stealing probe (New York Post)

With Major League Baseball finishing up its investigation of the Astros and an announcement coming as soon as next week, Carlos Beltran appears more likely than not to avoid hard discipline and begin his new job as Mets manager without any hiccups.

Discipline, in the form of suspensions, appears quite possible for the leaders of the 2017 Astros championship club, against whom strong evidence has surfaced that they illegally stole opponents’ signs via electronic means. Houston president of baseball operations Jeff Luhnow and manager A.J. Hinch rank as the most obvious candidates to be sidelined, and Alex Cora, Hinch’s bench coach that season who left afterward to manage the Red Sox, also appears in danger; furthermore, MLB announced on Tuesday that it would look into new charges that Cora’s champion 2018 Red Sox illegally stole signs.

Beltran found himself in the unique position of being a player for the 2017 Astros and now part of management, which means 1) MLB has the right to suspend him from his current job, even if it’s not related to the time and place of any wrongdoing; and 2) the Players Association couldn’t and wouldn’t defend Beltran from discipline…

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