June 16, 2021

Twins Reportedly ‘Pessimistic’ In Donaldson Pursuit (MLB Trade Rumors)

Recent reports have indicated that Josh Donaldson’s reps have been pushing their asking price toward $110MM over a four-year term, and it now seems as if at least one bidder is preparing to push their chair back from the table. The Twins have grown ’pessimistic’ about their chances of acquiring the veteran third baseman, according to a report from Phil Miller of The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, citing sources close to the negotiations.

It may not be accurate to position this development as the result of Minnesota’s disinclination toward spending at a certain level—rather, D0naldsn may simply have another preferred destination in mind, with the Braves and Nationals reported as two other clubs that have made four-year offers. Miller’s sources indicate that Donaldson “has not appeared interested in signing with Minnesota, and the team has begun investigating other options.”

Concerning the Donaldson sweepstakes, specifically, perhaps this news represents the ripple before the big…

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