June 22, 2021

Sign-stealing probe doesn’t taint Astros’ title (New York Post)

Carlos Correa became the first current Astros player to provide in-depth comments about the electronic sign-stealing allegations surrounding the team.

The World Series-winning shortstop seemed to feel a bit betrayed that his former teammate, Mike Fiers, helped blow the lid on the scandal that broke in November. Correa also said he didn’t believe the scandal taints the team’s 2017 World Series title.

“He’s a grown man, and he can do whatever he wants to do. It’s a free country,” Correa told the Houston Chronicle on Saturday, where he was appearing an autograph show alongside teammates Alex Bregman and George Springer. “Knowing Fiers, it was surprising, because we were a team. We were a team. We were all together, and we had a bond, and we won a World Series championship. But this is America, the land of the free. You can say what you want to say.”

Correa was referring to the time Fiers and three other unnamed sources told The Athletic that the Astros stole opposing teams’ signs during home games at Minute Maid Park during that season with the aid of a camera positioned in the outfield.

Correa also told the Chronicle that he has been in contact with…

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