June 17, 2021

Yoenis Cespedes’ war with boars goes beyond Mets injury (New York Post)

Yoenis Cespedes’ history with boars goes well beyond an episode in May that resulted in him fracturing his right ankle and eventually restructuring his Mets contract, according to a 2017 interview that reemerged following The Post’s exclusive report detailing the strange injury.

Cespedes suffered the ankle injury on his Port St. Lucie ranch after a boar was removed from a trap — it’s unclear if that was Cespedes’ doing — and either charged toward him or startled him, causing the oft-injured outfielder to step into a hole and hurt his ankle, The Post reported Friday.

That led the Mets and Cespedes, 34, to restructure his existing four-year, $110 million contract, which will now cost Cespedes a minimum of $15.7 million and cost him as much as almost $30 million. Cespedes’ deal runs until 2021.

“There are many wild pigs [on the ranch],” Cespedes told Vice in March 2017 “I don’t want them to eat my land.”

Cespedes added he once caught a 300-pound boar with one of his traps (boars tend to weigh 175-200 pounds, based on gender, according to a study from Texas A&M).

In the same interview, Cespedes said he lures the boars with corn.

“Sometimes I trap…

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