June 16, 2021

Posnanski: Don Larsen understood what one perfect day meant to people (The Athletic)

In the end, yes, of course, all of us are so much more than our best day, more than our worst day, more than the first sentence in our obituaries. We are not metaphors. We are not parables. We are flesh and blood, triumph and failure, joy and sorrow and rage and boredom. We are all the years, all the habits, all the quirks, all the jokes, all the wins, all the mistakes, all the late nights, all the family, all the friends.

Don Larsen lived more than 90 of those years.

And yet, he seemingly never tired of people asking him about one perfect day.

He understood, just a little bit more each year, what that one perfect day meant to so many people, even people who were not alive when it happened, even people who didn’t know or care a thing about baseball. 

The day was Oct. 8, 1956. It has, through the years, been dissected and mythologized and celebrated. It’s hard to know what’s true about the day and what’s legend. For instance, it has been told…

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