July 23, 2021

Effectively Wild Episode 1475: Multisport Sabermetrics Exchange (Football and Basketball) (FanGraphs)

In the first installment of a special, seven-episode series on the past, present, and future of advanced analysis in non-baseball sports, Ben Lindbergh talks to ESPN’s Bill Barnwell about football (the American kind) and ESPN’s Kevin Pelton about basketball (48:43), touching on the origins of sabermetrics-style analysis in each sport, the major challenges, big breakthroughs, and overturned misconceptions, the early adopters, the cutting-edge stats and tech, the level of acceptance within the game, the effects on the spectator experience, the parallels with baseball, and more.

Audio intro: Superchunk, “Winter Games
Audio interstitial: Ben Kweller, “Different But the Same
Audio outro: Pernice Brothers, “How Can I Compare

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Link to FiveThirtyEight on NFL teams running too much on first down
Link to Bill Barnwell on teams evaluating quarterbacks
Link to Kevin Clark on fourth-down conversion attempts
Link to Danny Heifetz on the origins of the NFL analytics movement
Link to Clark on the NFL’s analytics revolution
Link to Clark on bringing science to the NFL draft
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