August 3, 2021

Dodgers: LA Times Writer Questions Team’s Objective to Win it All (Dodgers Nation)

First off, Merry Christmas Dodgers fans. While the Los Angeles Dodgers didn’t put a big present under the tree this off-season as of yet, there is still time on the talk.

In a long column in the LA Times, writer Dylan Hernandez takes the current Dodgers’ regime to task. Undeniably, some who click through to read the column below will feel like Hernandez is speaking for you. In contrast, others will feel that Hernandez is a villain whose goal in life is to be critical of Dodger baseball. Still, he gives us an interesting read on the holiday.

First, Hernandez hypothesizes that the Dodgers’ goal is not to win a World Series. Simply, they just want to win the division and have a lottery ticket to be in the sweepstakes.

Their objective isn’t to win a World Series. It’s to win another division title. Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure they want to win a World…

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