August 3, 2021

Dodgers Catcher Will Smith Has Cheeky Fun With Movie Promotion (Dodgers Nation)

Then Dodgers catching prospect Will Smith made his MLB debut in 2019 ready to stare the obvious connection he would face all season long. In fact, he got out in front of it before his first ever major league at-bat with the help of teammates as he stepped up to the plate at Dodger Stadium to the fresh beat of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Right off the bat, Will Smith gave in to his brother in name, the actor Will Smith. As Smith (the catcher) starred on a number of occasions for the Dodgers in his rookie season, he now has a little fun with Smith (the actor) who starred in the Paramount Pictures film “Gemini Man” earlier this fall.

While not all Will Smith’s are created equally, it’s important that they stick together when help is needed.

The Dodgers catcher added more to the advertisement (no telling if he actually received compensation for the post) in a story on Instagram.

Are you missing Dodger baseball? Well, even though it’s the off-season, you can still get your Will Smith fix in by watching two of them in ‘Gemini Man.’

Long-winded setup aside, the off-season has been busy for the…

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