June 17, 2021

MLB All-Decade Team — Who made our squad of baseball’s best from 2010-2019? (ESPN)

Picking a 2010s all-decade team is fun, and everyone has been doing that. You know what’s even more fun? Picking an all-decade team for every decade since 1900!

What goes into an all-decade team? It’s some amorphous mix of decade-long value, peak-level dominance and iconic status. Some might factor in postseason performance or World Series titles, and some might consider that irrelevant, focusing only on regular-season numbers.

Here were my rules: I picked nine position players — one for each position, including at least one outfielder who must be a center fielder, plus a utility/DH role that can be any position. I picked five starting pitchers, plus a relief ace for each decade since the 1940s. All WAR totals listed are from Baseball-Reference.com, and only numbers compiled from within the given decade were considered — some all-time greats might not fit neatly in a specific decade; a few were great enough for long enough to make more than one all-decade team.

One general note: WAR doesn’t make any timeline adjustment, something to keep in mind as you compare…

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