July 23, 2021

Francisco Lindor trade talks reach pivotal moment (New York Post)

The Francisco Lindor trade talks appear to be reaching a significant stage. The Indians may be close to deciding whether they can get enough in return to move the star shortstop.

According to The Athletic, they are telling teams involved to prepare their best offers this weekend. At that point, Cleveland will determine if it will trade the four-time All-Star with two seasons left on his contract.

“I do think [the Indians] are trying to bring things to a rapid conclusion,” one executive involved in the talks said. “I’m not sure why they want to impose an artificial deadline when they may get a much better deal in January once teams have a clearer picture of what options they have.”

The Reds, Padres and Dodgers are among the teams that has been linked to the 26-year-old Lindor. There were reports the Mets had been in the mix, but backed off after the Indians request got too high for a return.

The Indians already traded two-time Cy Young winner Corey Kluber to the Rangers last week.

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