January 16, 2021

Angels Pay for Durability, Sign Julio Teheran (FanGraphs)

Since 2016, only one other team has lost more players to the Injured List than the Los Angeles Angels. They’ve cumulatively lost over 5,600 days to various injuries during the last four seasons, the second highest total in the majors behind the Padres. And a significant number of those injuries have decimated their pitching staff.

Angels Starters, Injury Days Lost

SOURCE: Spotrac

The pitchers listed above account for over 2,200 days lost to injury over the last four years, nearly 40% of the team’s cumulative total. And that doesn’t even take into account the relievers and other less established starters who also lost time to injuries, or Tyler Skaggs’ tragic passing earlier this year (the days listed above include his 2019 IL stint, not the season days following his death). The Angels’ trouble keeping their pitching staff healthy has been one of the major reasons they haven’t come close to sniffing the postseason since 2014 despite employing the best player in baseball.

Signing Anthony Rendon to a long-term deal is one big step towards providing Mike Trout with a capable supporting cast, but the holes in the pitching staff still needed to be addressed….

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