July 23, 2021

What baseball in 2019 will be remembered for forever (ESPN)

From an American perspective, two of the most memorable things about the year 1919 were baseball events: Babe Ruth was traded from the Red Sox to the Yankees, and the White Sox threw the World Series. (Also: the Anarchist bombings, the Great Molasses Flood and the Treaty of Versailles.) What’s interesting about those two events is that neither would have been known to the average baseball fan at the close of 1919: Ruth’s deal wasn’t made public until the first week of 1920, and the White Sox weren’t investigated until September 1920.

So, as always, we very humbly acknowledge that the search we’re about to embark upon — to determine what, from the 2019 baseball season, will be well known to the average baseball fan many decades from now — is beginning at least 20 years too early. To reinforce that point: The most lasting memory from the 2017 season is likely to be the World Series champion Astros banging trash cans in a high-tech/low-tech sign-stealing scam. We learned about that just this fall.

We once again use as…

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