August 5, 2021

Matt Blake explains role in getting ace to Yankees (New York Post)

Matt Blake hasn’t had one game as the Yankees’ pitching coach yet, but his job is already looking a little easier than it did when he joined the team.

The Yankees officially introduced Gerrit Cole Wednesday after signing the former Astros ace to a nine-year, $324 million contract last week. Sitting a few seats down from Cole during the press conference was Blake, who left the Indians after four years to come coach in New York just as one of the best starters in baseball was hitting free agency.

Blake was known to be part of the four-hour meeting between the Yankees and Cole that essentially sealed the deal. The 34-year-old pitching coach said that he wanted to ease Cole’s mind about how things were going to be over the course of this lengthy contract.

“I think it was just trying to help him understand where I might be coming from if this is going to be a seven-, eight-, nine-year partnership,” Blake said on YES Network Wednesday. “That he was going to have access to the tools that he needed and the information that he needed to help facilitate his process, his work on a daily basis. Obviously he’s in the prime of his career but over the course of this…

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